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Kristin is a 45-year-old mom of three teenaged children in the small community of Nelson, British Columbia. She moved to Nelson from Chatham, Ontario in the early 2000’s to pursue her dream of becoming a fully-licensed Doctor of Chinese Medicine.  Kristin graduated from the Nelson Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in 2011, where she studied for 7 years, during which time she gave birth to her son Owen in 2005, and her daughter Jazzmyn in 2009. 


Kristin opened her own part-time practice in Nelson in 2010, and continued to expand her business to full-time by 2012. She has since flourished in the community as a valued medical professional where she has treated a full clientele of loyal patients. 


In the spring of 2021, Kristin fell ill after her Pfizer Covid vaccination which left her physically and emotionally debilitated. She has since lost her full-time medical practice, is unable to work, walk unassisted, or drive long distances. She spends her days in discomfort, researching and seeking answers for her ailments from her living room.  

Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease of her brain, Kristin has not worked a day since her injury. Her overall symptoms include severe migraines, blurred vision, an uneven gait, convulsions, joint pain, spinal pain, irregular heart rate, brain fog/memory loss, hair loss, extreme sensitivity to sound and light, non-reactive seizures, frozen jaw, loss of speech, and more.

Understanding what is happening to Kristin's body has been troublesome. Physicians and medical professionals seem unable to make sense of her ailments. Each test conducted has come back "inconclusive", and her body continues to fail her. There is no research or information to access regarding these injuries and we are afraid, confused, and unsure how to proceed.

In her search for answers, Kristin found others with similar injuries. Discovering this group was life-changing for her. From this, our journey to create change has emerged. 


With the support of friends and family, Kristin is hopeful for a treatment that will allow her to maintain her illness and get back to a life of love and fulfillment.

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