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Invisible Fences Trailer, EXTENDED. Nov 2023.
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Prior to March 16, 2021, Kristin Ditzel was an active mom of three teenagers, running her own full-time Chinese Medical practice. Well-known in her small town of Nelson, British Columbia, as a compelling, electric professional in her field, Kristin cared deeply for her patients and her work. It was for the love of these patients that she chose to go in early for her Covid vaccination. 

At the peak of the pandemic, as fear was rising high, it was important to Kristin to be there for the people regularly relying on her for healthcare needs. Often treating the elderly and vulnerable, she was committed to providing them with the safest space possible.


On March 16, 2021 Kristin went in to receive her first Covid vaccine and within 25 minutes began having a severe anaphylactic-like reaction.

She was taken to hospital, treated and released, yet continued to experience debilitating symptoms the following day and for several weeks after. Weeks turned into months, and two years later she has not yet recovered. She struggles to remain hopeful as her health continues to be in question.

Since her injury Kristin's best friend and videographer, Jaimie Killen, has been filming and documenting her story. Together they are searching for medical care and sharing the experiences of their inexplicable journey. 

Invisible Fences production is currently on hold at this time. Jaimie is working tirelessly in the background, networking, writing grants, and searching for fundraising opportunities to assist in the completion of the film, while also digging into the post-production stages of their current footage. 


The impactful story of a woman & her best friend navigating through a Covid Vaccine Injury.
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