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Taking a Pause

It's been a tricky last couple of months, and I have landed myself in a bit of a burnout situation. My stress levels have recently impacted my health, which has prompted me to take a step back and allow myself some space and time to breathe.

I have been on my own for quite a while now with this project, and it is simply not sustainable. It is a massive amount of work, and not something I can continue to hold onto without support.

I am committed to completing this film - I feel it is one of the most important things I will do in my lifetime, and I will not give up on getting it out to the world. For now though, I am taking some time to regroup, reconnect with my health and my self-care, and come back into things with a renewed sense of purpose.

I will be taking this time to work on other projects, nourish my small business needs, and brainstorm ways to move forward with confidence and drive.

I love you all so very much. Please continue to check in, to send your positive thoughts our way, and to rally for us. This is not the end. Much love & light,


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<3 It's wise to take time to sharpen the saw. May you get the rest that you need!

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