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Alone in the Jungle

Well, winter finally came to Nelson this month and we are surrounded by frosty mountains and -11 chills. I've been spending my days nuzzled in my little shared office space, surrounded by a jungle of happy and lush plants. It feels a bit like spring at my desk, while the outside world is iced over.

Not only am I lost in the jungle of my surrounding plantation, but the jungle of post production as well. I am working every day, putting small pieces together, and sorting through endless hours of media. Mapping out scenes, ideas, questions, visuals, and testing what works and what doesn't.

We have a long ways to go, and are continuing to film b roll around Nelson, while brainstorming fundraising ideas to get us though to the finish line. We are making progress, and each day we move a little bit closer to our goal. I have been playing around with some old lenses I found in my collection, and have some ideas brewing for some fun visual shots to bring into the film.

Kristin is gearing up to take a trip to Alberta for some neuro testing at the end of this week that is not available here in BC. We know some fellow injured who have had good results with the treatments relative to this, and we are hopeful. Kristin's health continues to be unpredictable, with ups and downs each passing week. While she has felt some definite improvements to specific areas of her body from her latest stem cell treatment in Mexico, her convulsions continue to sporadically plague her, and her insomnia is an exhausting and distressing battle.

Our frustration persistently festers as we watch the Canadian healthcare system regularly fail Kristin and other injured across the country. It is disheartening to have the same conversations over and over with physicians and not be heard, and not have one of them care enough to take helpful action. Is this where we are at in Canada? Does the line truly end there? I spend a lot of time in tears mourning the death of this place; my home, and a piece of my life that I once loved more than anything. Although I mourn, I will not to give up. There has to be someone out there with a solution, a glimpse of hope, a way through to a brighter future. I will not allow myself to believe that we have been completely abandoned.

Perhaps Kristin and I should become health care sleuths, and open a private eye office for Vaccine Injured, like Sherlock Holmes, and scour the globe with our magnifying glasses, searching for clues to solve the mysterious death of our healthcare systems...

I mean, it feels like we are kind of doing that in some ways anyways, doesn't it?

We will keep moving on, further into the turning seasons and depths of the year ahead. I will bring you more updates as things progress.

Love & light,


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