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2024 Here We Go


I for one am very happy to say farewell to 2023. Although it had some pivotal moments, substantial growth, and big moves forward for the film, it was a long one!! The dips and turns were tricky, the tears left heated stains on my skin, and my heart took a beating with grief and dejection. Moving forward is a blessing.

We have big plans for this upcoming year. I woke up today with a renewed sense of what is to come, and am excited about the gains we are making. Invisible Fences has big strides to take in 2024, and we are ready to get on the move! Post production was paused while we were all away with our families over the Christmas holidays, and I will be back at it this week. We also have some more interview plans in motion, and some potential travel in our future so stay tuned for more details on that. We have many stories to share, and many pieces of this film that have yet to be complete! This year is going to be full of hard work, and successes.

Kristin and I started the Invisible Fences podcast last month and have recorded a couple of episodes so far. We will be recording a few more before we launch, and are excited to share our banter and laughter with everyone. Our goal for the podcast is to create a space where we can share and discuss subjects relative to the invisibilities of the world; the things we don't talk about, the conversations that are not always easy/comfortable to have, and to bring light to areas of the world that are often snuffed by darkness. We are bringing on a variety of guests with a wide span of topics from motherhood, to health, to education and so much more. And of course we always keep it entertaining with our amazing senses of humour and our trucker mouths.

We have been working with the Freedom Network to launch the podcast exclusively, and will release episodes in other platforms from time to time to help build our audience. The Freedom Network has endlessly supported our film ventures, and a percentage of each subscription will be donated to Invisible Fences production. We will provide more details on the Freedom Network and how you can subscribe once we are closer to a launch date.

And lastly, we had a couple of badass hoodies printed up to help promote the film! They turned out really great, and we having been flashing them around as we travel and go about our daily lives. I have some interest in potentially selling them, if I can gain enough enthusiasm from people to make it worth a bulk order. For anyone injured, we can custom order your injury date and illness on the back like we did for Kristin, and for the rest of the supporters we have the general ones. Send us a note if you would want one, and I can see what the numbers are from there :) That's it for now! Sending everyone a happy and hopeful 2024.



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