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All We Need is Love.

Hello to our beautiful friends!

We got outside for a walk today. Our days are always better when we walk, and when we see each other. With my focus moving over to editing mode, we have less time to see one another, which impacts us both. AND, we are surviving. Sort of.

We hope you all have had the opportunity to watch our latest trailer release! If not, you can find it on or webpage at Unfortunately, we are not getting a high volume of views on it due to Kristin and myself being severely shadow-banned on social media. So if you are able to share it around, please do! We are in the process of building an email campaign which we hope will push it out a bit further. Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past, and since the new trailer has come out. We are deeply affected by the level of heart and love we continue to encounter. We have had many moments of despair through the past two years, where we have come close to giving up. There have been tears shed, battles of hopelessness fought, and so much grief falling out of our hearts. It has not been an easy venture by any means. Your support carries us through these tough moments, and we appreciate you all so much. We have a lot of hope for a productive and successful 2024 year.

For those of you patiently awaiting our interview release with Shaun Newman, we have been notified there was a small mixup and it has yet to be processed. So stay tuned for that! Shaun is apologetic, and working quickly to get it out as soon as he possibly can. :)

Kristin and I are nearly ready to begin our Invisible Fences Podcast, which will be showcasing guests with their own stories of invisibility in their lives. We have plans to discuss many topics, from motherhood to mental health and onward. I know we have been saying we are close to airing for a while, and we appreciate your patience! Our plans do tend to get delayed depending on Kristin's health status, and we are absolutely making progress on it. There will be another update on this soon!

We have had an influx of new email subscribers, which is awesome!! Thank you to everyone who is keeping tabs on us, cheering us on, and staying in the loop with our endeavours. Please continue to share our story!

Much love & light,

Jaimie & Kristin

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