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Building Momentum

Kristin and I have had a very productive week this week! We have been busy with interviews, phone calls, and emails as interest in Invisible Fences is climbing. A big thank you to everyone who has reached out to us this week to show their support, offer assistance, and provide us with some incredible hookups to help promote our film and fundraiser. We have a beautiful community behind us!

As we continue to tend to our new relationships and outreach, we have chosen to extend our campaign by two weeks. We are feeling the momentum, and we want to ride that wave without feeling restrained. We are looking forward to seeing what this additional timeframe brings us, and welcoming in new friends and contributors.

We have found ourselves extremely busy with all of the tasks required to support this fundraiser. If you have some spare time to offer and are interested in volunteering to assist in our efforts, please reach out! We would be very appreciative of any extra hands on board.

More specifically, we are hoping to spread our reach into the States. If you have any ideas or connections, please let us know. It is vital that we network with our neighbours to the south to expand our audience and potential for growth.

Kristin and I will be spending our day tomorrow readying ourselves for a presentation on Friday in front of a significant audience of organizations that we are lucky to have been connected to by Ted Kuntz. We are anticipating good things to come, and will keep you all posted of our endeavours.

Thank you all for your continued love and warmth. Stay tuned for more.

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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