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Fall Beginnings

Greetings beautiful friends!

We are long overdue for an update, so here it is. Apologies for the lack of blogs lately, the early fall months hit my family hard with colds, ear infections, and back to school chaos. Kristin has also been out of town for most of the month, visiting family out east. She has just returned and we will be prepping for a few upcoming things this month.

The fall days are slowly settling in, and although I have yet to find any sense of consistency in my home life, there have been pieces of time where I have been able to hunker down and get to work on post production for Invisible Fences.

I have rented a temporary office space, so am able to hide away from my kids and laundry and spend as many hours as I can sifting through footage. It's a slow and tedious task; listening, categorizing, colour coding, and making endless notes. There is something very methodic and rhythmic about editing however, and I find the process quite entrancing. I can see the story coming to life; all that Kristin has been through these past two and a half years is emotional, impactful, and incredibly powerful. I believe with all of my heart this film will be something that reaches many people across the world, and it will bring relief and connection to those suffering alone. We know they are out there.

With each new hour I pour into this, the stronger my motivation grows. We have so much to say, so much to show the world, so much help to offer others. This is

what we are meant to do with this film, with Kristin's illness, and with all of the days we have spent searching and fighting for answers. I know that we have to keep going. It will not be nothing.

In upcoming news, Kristin and I are excited to be guests on the Shaun Newman Podcast this week, Thursday afternoon at 12:30PST:

We haven't done a podcast in a while! We are very much looking forward to getting back into doing some more interviews this winter. If you know anyone that may be interested in having us on their show, please let us know. We are eager to keep promoting Invisible Fences and fundraising so we can finish what we started!!

We are also getting closer to launching our own podcast! Kristin and I are continuing to work with Gary at the Freedom Network to set up our own Invisible Fences Podcast platform. We will have more info on that as things progress, so keep checking in.

That's it for now! We have a few things in motion and are working on stirring up more funding options. In the meantime, please continue to cheer us on, we appreciate all of your love and support.

Love & Light,

Jaimie & Kristin

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