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Hitting the Road!

Hello beautiful friends.

I would like to first start off by apologizing for the lack of updates in the past week. It has been a whirlwind of chaos between a trip to the ER with Kristin, our IndieGoGo campaign coming to an end, booking travel to Guadalajara, Easter long weekend, Kristin's mom visiting, and juggling our daily lives. In the midst of all of that we have had three interviews in the last week! We are exhausted LOL.

I will recap some of the highlights for everyone, beginning with Kristin's latest episode. We call them "episodes" because we don't know what else to label them. There are really no words for what happens to her in these situations, and even though we have been through it numerous times over the last two years, the stress, fear, and apprehension that comes along with it all never seems to fade.

Kristin lost her ability to speak after going into a local bank last week to make a deposit. She then walked down the street to her acupuncture appointment, was not able to vocalize anything through the hour she was there, or afterwards. She walked home with shakes and convulsions and her jaw locked. She tried to call me and I was busy with my kids and didn't hear my phone. By the time I reached out to her she was already home and resting, however her symptoms were not subsiding. This is abnormal for her. Her tongue had flipped sideways inside her mouth and would not lay flat. Her head was screaming in pain, and she was afraid. I know by now when her messages contain distress, and so I made my way to her house where I found her in a ball on the couch extremely upset. I know her looks well now. I knew that she would not be able to settle unless she was checked over. It had been four hours since she was able to speak.

I took her to the ER where they eventually gave her a heavy pain killer that was enough to ease the tension in her body and unlock her jaw and tongue and settle her convulsions. We were in the hospital for a couple of hours, and I got her home by around 7pm where she went straight to bed to rest. It has been a few days now since she was there, and she is still not great, however her major symptoms have subsided. She is focussing now on recovery before our trip.

I could go on and on about the ER visit however there is so much more to discuss so I must move on. We will of course have more info on it all in the film for everyone.

We said goodbye to Kristin's mom yesterday as she made her way back out east to PEI. It was lovely to spend time with her, and the three weeks she was here felt like minutes. Kristin's spirits are always lifted when her beautiful family is around. There is so much love there.

We had some excellent interviews this past week with some stellar human beings. We are so incredibly grateful to the independent media world, they have been our lifeline since the peak of the pandemic and onward, and such a huge support system for us now. The people we are connecting with and meeting through this documentary production have been so sincere and kind. If you haven't checked out the interviews yet, there is a post pinned to the top of our Invisible Fences Facebook page that has them all listed in the comments below. I update it as often as possible. A huge thank you to Nicole Murphy, Shadoe Davis, and Rebecca Leigh for having us on their shows and taking the time to hear us, ask questions, and support our documentary endeavours.

We have more interviews booked when we return from Guadalajara so stay tuned! We will be filming the full trip, and hope to provide lots of updates, posts and clips of our journey along the way, so make sure to watch our Insta and FB pages for that. We are trying to be more active on Twitter, alas, I find social media exhausting!!! LOL.

We set out tomorrow morning to begin our journey to the south. We are very tired, and have a long trip ahead. Please send us your prayers and keep us in your thoughts, as neither myself nor Kristin travels well. Our hearts are full of light though, and we are hopeful the stem cell treatment for Kristin will give her some relief/rejuvenation.

There is so much more to say, and even more to come. I could write for hours but I must get some sleep!

We love you all.

Love & Light,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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I hold you in my thoughts always as I do many others suffering after getting jabbed. I pray you get some relief from the stem cell treatment and the doors will be busted wide open on the crimminal treatment of people by those responsible for it.


Thank you for all the updates amidst the great fullness of Life. Every blessing as you journey together -- may ease and grace be with you every step of the way. xo


Prayers as you travel. Blessings on your treatment.


Apr 13, 2023

Prayers to You All on this traveling journey. All the best Kristin 🤗🙏💞🤲✝️🌹💖


Safe travels Kristen and Jamie, you are always held close to our hearts. Love you kiddo, Uncle Gabe and Auntie Kathy. ❤️

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