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Home Sweet Home

We arrived home last night, safe and sound. Our two day travel home was long, and exhausting. Kristin faired much better than she did on the way there, however she woke with a very aggressive migraine on Sunday morning that made it difficult for her to get out of bed.

She pushed through it though, with some meds and a positive attitude, as always. I don't know how she does it, I watch her in awe and with so much love in my heart. The amount that she has been through in the last two years is immeasurable, yet somehow she continues to find the strength to keep going. She is a warrior.

We had three plane rides on Saturday, with a painful 8 hour layover in San Jose. We hunkered down in the airport lounge and rested. Nate busily worked on editing a short clip of our Guadalajara highlights while Kristin napped and I did some work for Heartwood. Somehow we made it through the day, with a gruelling 3am wake up to catch our first flight, and safely landed in Spokane, WA just before 11pm. I think we all agreed it was the longest day ever.

Our stay over in Spokane was lovely. We had cozy beds, and slept peacefully, however the rest just didn't feel long enough. The drive to the border was smooth, and felt much quicker than the one on the way there. We had no issues through customs or the border, which was a relief, and made the trip much easier on us.

We are happy to be back in Canada, back in our beds, and back with our families. It was a long stint away from the people we love. Our time in Guadalajara was beautiful, serene, and relaxing. Nate captured some fantastic footage, and we are excited to bring it all into our story.

Being home has been a bit surreal for me personally, as I feel after being in such a deeply cultured country with so much magic and connection, the sad state of Canada to be much more profound now. I walked through a local grocery store this morning and passed so many unsmiling lips, distant faces, absent stares, with the overall feeling of misery smothering my community. My heart was heavy.

I am lucky to live where I live and to have all of the things that I have; a home, a loving little family, friends and support. Nelson is surrounded by green lush mountains, a crystal blue lake, and deeply historic buildings. It is my most favourite place. And yet lately when I walk through it, it feels empty of soul and spirit. I don't know if it was the Covid fiasco that shifted it, or something else, but it seems in a saddened state these days.

Maybe it is I who has changed. I'm not sure.

What I do know is that I am grateful for my life, and to have had to opportunity to travel with Kristin and Nate as part of this project and to continue creating this film. What we experienced together in Mexico has only solidified my dedication and faith in this journey. There are so many stories out there to tell, so many people in need of acknowledgement, reciprocity, and comfort. I know that what we are doing holds relevance, meaning, and change. There is so much more ahead of us, and I look forward to it all.

I will write more soon, once this awful jet lag falls away.

Much love,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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Sending, love ,light and huge momma hugs xoxo

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