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June 9th Update

We sure miss Utah!

The days are passing quickly back here in BC, and we are still talking constantly about our ventures in Utah. We miss our friends so much!! It has been such a life changing experience moving along this journey, and we are certain these lingering effects are permanent. With each piece that comes together we are flourishing, shifting and expanding.

We have had a fairly busy week this week. The bike raffle fundraiser is in full swing, and we have raised over $1000 already! Thank you to everyone who has participated, or shared the event on our behalf. We hope to keep the ball rolling and the tickets selling steadily throughout the month. Please continue to pass the word around to your friends and family. If you are looking for details on that, check out our Instagram page @invisiblefencesfilm :)

Before we left for Utah, I applied for a grant for Invisible Fences through our beautiful friend Nicole Murphy of East Anchor Media. We were placed into the top then finalists!! Unfortunately, we did not win the grant, AND we are super grateful to Nicole for sharing her info with us, and being a part of our loving community. We hope more opportunities like this arise as we move forward. Thanks to everyone who cheered us on!

This past Wednesday Kristin and I participated in the weekly meeting of Vaccine Choice Canada to speak about and help promote Invisible Fences. Thank you to the lovely Liz Chapman for the invite, and to our very dear friend Ted Kuntz for, as always, welcoming us and wrapping us in his encouragement and support.

The meeting was recorded via Zoom and will be available to view through Vaccine Choice Canada's BitChute and Rumble channels. We will post a link to that once it has been uploaded. The meeting was fantastic, full of warmth and love. Kristin and I have become quite at ease with this type of format now, and we feel very lucky to be making these contacts, sharing our story, and having strong and meaningful conversations about our endeavours. Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch. We are working on lining up more interviews in the oncoming weeks.

In the meantime, please continue to share our story, our page, and talk about us to your friends and family! The more momentum we gain, the further we will go.

More to come soon. We love you all.

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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