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Last Day in Guadalajara

We are winding down from our last day in Guadalajara. Kristin's stem cell session went great on Wednesday, and she has spent the past two days resting and recovering. She had a slight low fever later Wednesday afternoon, and some intense head pressure, however has felt a bit better today.

We are busy packing up and readying ourselves for the long travel home tomorrow, with a very early flight in the morning. We won't land in the States until late tomorrow night, and then drive home from Spokane, WA Sunday morning.

Our time in Mexico has been moving. We have met some great people, especially the staff working around the apartment building of our bnb. We will miss their kindness and laughter, and happy faces.

We feel very lucky to be here, to have had this time, to have experienced this beautiful culture, and to have had Guadalajara be a part of our journey, and Kristin's healing. We will spend the oncoming months planning our next trip for the film, raising funds, doing interviews, and continuing to promote Invisible Fences.

That is it for now! We are all exhausted and ready for rest. We hope that you will all continue to follow our story moving forward, there will be plenty to come.

Love & light,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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Safe travels Healing Blessings 🙏🤗🌹🤲💞🌠

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