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New Trailer is here!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


Apologies for the previously sent broken link, we did a few upgrades. This one works!!

Friends, please check it out, and SHARE IT!!!

I've been working my tail off to get this latest trailer out. We hope it will stir up some more interest, and promote our much needed aide with financial support/donations so we can continue to film and tell our story.

I am working endlessly in post-production, and it is a very slow process!! Now that the trailer is complete, I will focus more time on building the first pieces of the film. The storyline is falling into place, and the path ahead for Kristin and I seems fairly clear as far as the documentary goes. We talk daily about the details and the flow, and we are excited to bring it all to life for everyone who has been following us and cheering us on.

It is not just about the story, it is how we tell it. And that matters the most to us. We want to focus on the heart in all of this. What we feel as humans, as friends, as connected beings. To show our vulnerability, our strength, and our willingness to carry on no matter how fucking hard it gets. And to stay strong for the rest of the injured community, as so many are afraid to speak up.

We will keep going, slow and steady. Please continue to share our story, to talk about what is happening, and to pray for us. Your love keeps us motivated!!!

We are getting close to launching our Invisible Fences podcast as well. Kristin has been fairly unwell this last week, so we will provide more info for you as soon as we are able.


Jaimie & Kristin

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