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Plaza de Armas

We have been in Guadalajara now for three days, and are settling into our new environment. Kristin has been very tired from the travel, and has spent her days resting her body before stem cell treatment tomorrow. We have ventured out for the odd small walk around the block, but otherwise it has been lots of downtime and snuggles.

Yesterday, even though she did not sleep well the night before, she mustered the energy to take the 40min cab ride into the Plaza de Armas so that we could do some filming for Invisible Fences. She had to take medication to be able to make the journey, as her nervous system overloads with noise, motion, and sound. As you can imagine, going into a busy, bustling downtown plaza, is all of those things and more.

The traffic is loud and constant, the children's happy playful faces zip by as they scream and chase birds, live bands play on patios of restaurants, a random woman sings opera while stereos blast in storefronts along the open streets. A constant flow of people walking, talking, moving, spinning. All of these are things that Kristin once loved to be a part of, and now must avoid.

It is hard to watch her move amongst this environment, knowing that before her injury she would have been running from shop to shop, checking out local crafts and handmade items, stopping to watch live music, smiling and laughing and taking it all in. Instead she wears noise cancelling headphones to block out sounds, sunglasses and a hat to block out motion & light, and uses a cane to assist her walking.

I know that she is struggling being here, remembering how much she loved to travel and explore and immerse herself in other cultures. It has been a lot for her to process. So many feelings of overwhelm; acknowledging the medical aspect of this journey, and the ability to be here and access this treatment, while grieving the losses of her previous life.

We did manage to get through the day however, filming the plaza area and recording some interviews of Kristin and I with our Director, Nate. We had some very joyful moments, and the entire area was magical. We arrived back at our bnb late last night and will spend today resting and preparing for filming at the stem cell facility tomorrow morning.

Guadalajara is a stunning place. The people have been warm and kind. We are very grateful to all of our supporters, backers, and friends who have assisted us in getting here. Creating this film is so very important to us, and to so many others.

Much more to come, stay tuned.


Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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