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Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs, Utah is surrounded by a never-ending span of steep, snow covered Rocky Mountain peaks. It's nearly June, and there is still a ski hill open here! There is a bit of a Vancouver or Banff look as far as scenic/outdoor vibes go. We can see Utah Lake from Bri's back deck and it's beautiful. We look forward to exploring the area over the next few days.

We arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah late last night and after about an hour drive from the airport, arrived at Bri and Brian's house by 9:30pm. After a quick visit we were off to bed! Exhaustion had kicked in and we all needed a good night's sleep.

Today we spend the day recovering from travel, running errands, and preparing for the next few days of interviews and filming. We have already had some great hang out time with Bri and her family, telling stories and connecting. This is Kristin's first face-to-face interaction with someone who has an injury just like her own, and she is processing all the emotions and relief that comes with that. Her and Bri are two peas in a pod, and we all feel at home here.

Tomorrow we drive north to Bountiful, Utah to meet up with another injured, and our friend Jared St. Clair from the Dearly Discarded podcast. We are very excited to see them! We have a full day planned, and it will be long. Time on the road is hard for Kristin, so we have rented a bnb for the night in Bountiful to allow her space to rest and recover.

Sunday we have more interviews on the books, and potentially an afternoon gathering. We will give you more info and updates very soon! Stay tuned.

Love & light,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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