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Summer Times

Hello Friends

Just a quick check-in to let you all know we have not forgotten about you! Summer time is very busy with our families and kids at home, and we are soaking in some sunshine and home time while we can during this next month or so.

For now, we are holding off on anymore trips/filming until we can put together the first pieces of Invisible Fences in post production. From there, we will figure out our next move(s). There will be more fundraising ahead, though not likely until the fall, and I will be spending my (limited) spare time putting hours into editing and going over footage with Kristin. September will bring more focus on this area as the kids return to school and life settles back in to some sort of routine again.

I am busy working kids film camps this month with some local fellow media friends, and my time is stretched to its limits. I have found my cup a bit full, and will be taking most of August to breathe, recover, and prepare myself for post production mode. I hope you all will continue to stay tuned, follow our endeavours, and send us love and hopeful thoughts.

We have a long ways to go still, and we will keep you in the loop as any progressions come. I will do my best to write again in the oncoming weeks.

Love & light,


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