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The Days are Dark, and We Must Find Light.

The winter months have sunken in. January has been a dreary blur of cloud and fog. Sunless, damp, and tiring. As we continue to tread along, time passes while nothing seems to move. It is easy to lose momentum during these months.

We are pushing forward with heart-fuelled determination. Each day a few more pieces are put together, and though it is an extremely slow and time-consuming process, every step towards completion is a win. Post-production is a marathon; I am finding my footing and appropriate pacing while reminding myself to breathe - and drink water! :)

Setting small goals, and celebrating the wins, no matter what size, has been a big part of my daily routine. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and all great things take time, so it is said.

In the midst of the post-production grind, we have been meeting and consulting with other media productions and friends in the industry to gather feedback, brainstorm, and hash out the finer details of the film. A huge thanks to Ian MacKenzie, Justin Joffe, Carla & Colin of Empty Cup Media, and Amy Bohigan for sparing your time and knowledge. We are so lucky to know so many magical artists and professionals.

In the oncoming months the primary focus will continue to stay on post-production. Due to the lack of excitement in this phase of development, there is unfortunately not a lot of news to fill everyone in on! Please continue to check in with us and follow our progress - we need all the love and support we can gather!! Each word of encouragement drives our focus forward and gives us strength to keep going. This has been a tricky project to navigate, with so many roadblocks along the way. We have shed a thousand tears, been told no over and over, and doubted ourselves repeatedly. The marring of our emotional health has been deep.

And here we are, three years later, still standing. Mostly. ;)

Kristin and I are continuing to record podcasts, and will hopefully have enough to launch soon! Our scheduling has been a bit out of whack this last month, but please stayed tuned for more info on that in the next couple of months.

We love you all! Your support is everything. Please keep praying for us.


Love & light,

Jaimie & Kristin

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We are so proud of you both, navigating this journey in challenging at the best of times. We are always here if you need anything ❤️.

Love and light


Thank you for the update and your complete honest vulnerability. Your continued pursuit to get the truth of your experiences out in public is so inspiring. Thank you for all that you are doing. Much love

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