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We Are Going to Utah!

Our flights are booked, and we are headed to Utah at the end of the month to meet up with one of our fave people, Bri Dressen! Bri has been among our injured group since the beginning, and has been on a very wild and trying journey. This is our first stop in a long line of many to come. This next stage of production is solely focussing on travel to meet our injured family members, and collecting interviews. Each person we have met along the way has their own awe-inspiring story, and we hope to tell many of them in this film.

It's a bit overwhelming to think about leaving our families again so soon, however the timing was right for scheduling and this is how we will be rolling throughout the year. There is a lot to juggle between the personal lives of our team, so when things come together we move swiftly! It's going to be a busy year!

This past week we had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Jared St. Clair of the Dearly Discarded podcast. With every interview Kristin and I do, we continue to be blown away by the compelling connections we are forming. We spoke with Jared for around an hour, and it felt as though we had known him our whole lives. We were excited to learn that he also resides in Utah, and have asked him to meet with us and be interviewed as part of our documentary. See you soon Jared!

There is something deeply comforting about speaking with people who are so open to having these difficult conversations. The level of compassion, emotion, empathy, and sincerity is beyond so much of what we have witnessed these last two years. Thank you to everyone who has seen us, heard us, and made a point of reaching out to us to cheer us on. Your presence is one hundred percent what keeps us going.

The link for the Dearly Discarded podcast will be available this week! Stay tuned for that.

Kristin provided her testimony on Thursday live via zoom to the National Citizen's Inquiry. If you missed it, it should be posted soon on their rumble channel here:

Their Youtube channel has of course been suspended. Kristin's testimony was short and sweet, and she did an incredible job. Even after two years it amazes me how she stays so poised, so confident, and so clear during these fundamental moments, despite all of her constant neurological issues. She felt like total shit that morning, yet pulled herself together to make it happen. You are a warrior my friend.

This week we will be busy organizing an upcoming raffle event to help raise some more funds for Invisible Fences. We have a stunning, brand new Schwinn Cruiser bike to win! So make sure you keep an eye on our social media pages for more information on that. I will be building posters with all the details.

That's a wrap for now, have a beautiful weekend!

Love & light,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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