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We Have Great Things Coming!

Friends and backers,

Thank you so much to everyone that has shared our trailer, reached out to friends, family and influencers on our behalf. We love and appreciate your kindness so much.

We have had an exciting last week with some incredible people reaching out to help us promote Invisible Fences! We are gaining some attention from media sources, mainstream and alternative, and will be busy this upcoming week doing interviews to help get the word out about our fundraising endeavours.

Kristin and I met with a local radio station on Monday, and also have a pitch set up for Friday with a significant audience of potential backers & supporters. Stay tuned for more information on that, and links to listen to our recordings! We are enthusiastic and extremely hopeful that this will help us spread our news far and wide.

If you are someone you know has any contacts with large followings that you think may be interested in assisting us further, please reach out to me at

We also have posters printed and ready to hand out to local businesses - if you have one or know someone who may be willing to post one for us, please contact me! They are also available on PDF for print, if you would like one emailed to you.

Keep spreading the word, and the love!

Blessing and light,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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