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We Hit the Road in a Week.

Life has been busy here in Nelson for us the past few weeks. We all have a steady flow of family life and the ins and outs that come with that. Mexico feels like it was months ago, however only a few weeks have gone by.

I apologize for not being as active with my blogs and posts lately, I have been occupied with Heartwood work, organizing our upcoming trip, and chasing my very active toddler around. In the last week Kristin and I have both been fairly unwell. Kristin has been battling daily severe migraines and is spending most of her days in bed, while I have sustained a back injury and have been bouncing from Physio to Chiro and doing what I can to recover before we travel next week.

We are excited to get to Utah. Our schedule is very full. I have been liaising with Bri and confirming interviews and other engagements for filming while we are in town. We want to pack in as much as we can in the few short days we are there, and we will be busy!

We have four interviews scheduled and a small social gathering of injured we will be filming as well. We are looking forward to spending some time with Bri and her family, who has graciously offered to host us during our time in Utah. We will also be meeting up with Jared St. Claire, who interviewed Kristin and I on his Dearly Discarded podcast.

The business card for Invisible Fences is almost complete, as is the ad & campaign work to run a raffle fundraiser for the documentary. Look for more details on the that in the upcoming weeks.

On a closing note, I have been very humbled by my back injury the last two weeks. It is not my first physical set back in this area, however I am reminded of the restrictions it holds over my life. As I have cautiously worked at slowly regaining my strength, my thoughts are with Kristin and her endless endeavours to find her health again. Not being able to get on a bike, carry my son, or lift my leg to put a sock on has been hard on my mental health, and I know these are just a ting fraction of the things Kristin has battled with for more than two years now.

My love for her and her tenacity is endless. I hope that somehow, somewhere along this journey, we will find the path to her relief.

More to come soon.

Love & light,

Jaimie, Kristin & Nate

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